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2016 Dining Awards
pizza 2016 Dining Awards

For six years, the Tribune has been giving Dining Awards to restaurants and chefs whom our critics believe are creating some of the best food in Chicago. We value your opinion on that, too — which is why, this year, we added a Readers' Choice division to the awards, asking you to vote for your favorites among the classic and the new restaurants that help make Chicago one of the best food cities in the country. READ MORE>>
Phil's 50 Alinea tops among Chicago restaurants as
Phil's 50 gets biggest shake-up yet

My Phil’s 50 list updates in 2017 with 11 new restaurants and a whole lot of number changes.

One reason for so much shuffling is that 2016 was a banner year for new restaurants in Chicago (it might have been the best year ever), giving me a lot of new names to fit in. READ MORE>>
wine We Tried It: Red wine hot chocolate is the latest internet fad. Is it any good?

The internet is weird and wonderful. But, sometimes just weird. Remember raindrop "cake," that translucent, jiggly orb of mineral water and agar that swept Pinterest last year? Or the ridiculous hype over bone broth?

Then there are trends like the smoothie bowl, which owned Instagram over the summer to an eye-rolling extent. But guess what? Make one, and it's actually really good. READ MORE>>
pizza Craving: Best Pizza Photo Gallery

Pizza is a contentious topic in Chicago, with as many locals hating on deep-dish as there are tourists eating it. We, however, don't discriminate. There's great pizza of all shapes and sizes in this city — you just have to know where to look. After trying dozens of pies and slices, we've compiled a list of the best: thin-crust, medium-crust, deep-dish and more. We'll be adding a new pizza every day in September, so check back...and get eating. VIEW GALLERY>>
beer 25 most important American craft beers ever

Food & Wine had a great idea. I'm borrowing it.

Last month, the magazine asked 21 beer industry luminaries to rank the most important craft beers of all time. Not the best, which would have been a ridiculous and impossible undertaking. The most important.

As you might expect from a pack of luminaries, the list was fairly well-constructed. But after sharing it on social media and following with my own thoughts, most of which blew past 140 characters, there was only one thing to do: Make a list of my own. READ MORE>>
Hidden in the West Loop...

It's like the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" storage facility, if Julia Child were in charge.

That, at least, is the impression one gets touring the suite of rooms one floor above Next restaurant, home to the various plates, props, machines and glassware that have graced the tabletops of Next, Alinea and their sibling restaurants over the years. READ MORE>>
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